Supplying Industrial Safety equipment to manufacturing facilities — especially those that operate near or at capacity, or which depend upon processes that are costly to suspend — Atex Fire and Explosion Protection Services Pty Ltd provides 24/7 services......Read more
ATEX Fire & Explosion Protection Services Pty Ltd is a part of ATEX Explosionsschutz GmbH group. ATEX is a global manufacturing and services organization that provides solutions for process safety that can tailored to your need and can be fully integrated into your systems
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Is Your Dryer Safe?

Operating experience shows, that the primary source of ignition for fires or dust explosions in drying installations or in secondary installations such as filters and dust precipitators, are smouldering spots or self-igniting milk products. Even with the best safety measures and process controls in place, it is not possible to effectively prevent the deposit of milk products in spraying drying devices or air diffusers, nor can caking on the vessel walls be avoided. The danger exists that, through long-term exposure to hot air, a thermic decomposition of the deposits will be initiated and that this will lead to smouldering spots and/or self-ignition of the products...Learn more

Suppression & Isolation

Explosion Suppression is a fast fire extinguishing system that detects the explosion pressure in a protected plant and mitigates the flame/pressure damage to an acceptable level... Learn more


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